My graphic design career began as a creative desire to create report covers  for school assignments. I was hacking it with PrintMaster and Publisher and may or may not have spent more time on those covers than I did on the actual assignments.  After a year spent pursuing a degree in astrophysics (I kid you not), I realized that Communications was a better fit.

For the last five years I have worked in the realm of  non-profit marketing. So I know what it’s like to work with a shoestring budget, or in some cases with no budget at all. I believe that you should always make the absolute best with what you have available and strive to transform the mundane to the spectacular. I apply this same attitude of making each and every project the absolute best, be it small or large.

I am married to the most encouraging and thoughtful husband. We live with our handsome, talented, awesome son here on Cape Cod.

Fun Fact: Helena is my middle name. It’s pronounced Hel`ena.

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